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Pastel Streets of Symi

We visited Symi on the last week of our holiday. From Rhodes harbour it took around an hour and half each way to the island and we had about 4 hours time to spend exploring. As someone who gets ridiculous sea sickness I can guarentee it was worth the travel time. Even if I did spend the whole journey with my head in my hands outside the toilets. When we arrived and seen the whole harbor from the boat I've never been so blown away by a view. Pictures just don’t do the place justice but I think it’s the closest I’ll ever get to being in an actual postcard.

My own photographs shown here I decided to focus on colour and the beautiful side streets that we spent hours exploring. If there’s anywhere I’ve ever wanted to be stranded on it would be Symi. Authentic, unspoilt and everything you‘d expect a greek island to be. The authentic yellow and blues with shutters on every window just made me want to photograph every inch of the place. It was the perfect place to try out some street photography and some more along the lines of architectural which is a new venture for me.

As you’ll see from all of my photos in Greece, I thoroughly enjoyed all the cats. So if you like cats, your welcome. If not, sorry not sorry. But it’s a place I’d recommend for anybody to visit, all the restaurants are scattered along the bay so we enjoyed our lunch with a view. As far as tourist spots go, it wasn’t too crowded like some other spots. This made for the opportunity to get some lovely photographs that aren’t too saturated with people, which I’m sure as many photographers know can be a pain if you've got a particular idea in your head.

The whole place gave me the opportunity to take images I’d be very happy printing and putting on a postcard myself, but it’s beauty really does have to be seen with your own eyes. But until you have the chance please enjoy my images. I'm really enjoying blogging as a medium of sharing images, not every image is portfolio worthy but that doesn't mean they're not worth sharing.

The balcony's still give me serious 'Romeo and Juliette' vibes! Thank you for reading, stay tuned for my next post all about our trip to Lindos...

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