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My Photography Resolutions; 2019

Roseberry Topping as seen from the Cleveland Way

Hello again, I hope everyone has had a fab break over the festive period and a great new year. Writing this post mid January because I have so many ideas, things I keep saying I'll do more of this year and I would hate to not achieve them. So here I am writing them all down, putting them into the universe, so they're all in one place and you guys can hopefully get an idea of what direction in headed this year.


TAKE MORE PHOTOS - Now I take a lot of photos anyway, and I mean A LOT, I have around 10 pages in my photo album just dedicated to the dog (it's growing as we speak). But my aim to build up a catalogue of imagery that I can dip into as and when I need. Photos for myself, for family and for customers. The more I take the more my skills will progress.


UP MY LANDSCAPE GAME - I've always had a love for landscapes, when I first started photography I would dream of taking landscapes like the pros, and I always thought it would a lot easier to achieve than it actually is. I'm not a patient person and landscape photography requires just that. The patience to sit and craft the shot through your lens, thinking about everything within the composition and what it adds to the image. Investing in the right equipment will also help me a lot, Nuetral Density, Polariser and Gradient filters all help a lot with achieving that perfect image.


MAKE A CALENDAR FOR 2020 - This is a goal I've wanted to achieve for a long time, but it also involves me being confident enough in my work to curate them together into a collection to then sell. A calendar is going to sit in somebody's home and will be looked at every day. So that's a lot of pressure. Experience is a wonderful thing though and I have plenty of time to get 4 seasons worth of beautiful shots.


UPGRADE MY EQUIPMENT - IN 2014 when I graduated university, I became quite fixated on having the biggest and best camera. Even though mine was perfectly fine. So I made a point of using my camera to it's full potential and promised myself I wouldn't upgrade until I'd grown out of it. What's the point in having a fancy camera, if you don't know what half of the buttons do? I've now reached a point where I'm ready to upgrade, I know exactly what I'm looking for and the lenses I use day in and out that are worth investing in. I'm the most impatient person, so this has been so difficult but when I eventually get that camera it will have been so worth it.


COLLABORATE WITH MORE LOCAL BUSINESSES - This is one that I'll have to put a lot of thought and planning into because it would be so individual to the business. However gaining contacts and spreading my name in the local area is something I would love to do, so even if this was on a voluntary/non profit basis it would be a great idea. I would be very open to working with local charities and organisations, if your reading this and have an ideas, feel free to get in contact! I have a few ideas already, but you would be the first to know if anything happens in the future (fingers crossed!).


IMPROVE MY SKILLS - Last but not least is skills. There's always something you can improve on. So I'm setting myself the challenge to try editing techniques I've always shied away from. I have a list in my notebook that I add to whenever a new idea strikes. Improving my black and white skills, making use of every single feature in Lightroom and Photoshop and airbrushing are all on the list.

These are all resolutions that will ultimately make me a better photographer and increase the quality of my work. I would love to hear from people that have ideas of things they would like to see from me. Please get in touch if you do!

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