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Lindos Through The Lens

Here we are again! This time we're in Lindos. My previous post concentrated on trying out street photography in Old Town Rhodes, if you haven't read that already please go and check it out. If you can't be bothered but would like to keep reading, here‘s a bit of background knowledge. Me and my boyfriend took a trip to Rhodes in October of 2017 and i’m here talking you through the images i took along the way.

I tried to take travel shots that were a little bit more. Travel shots I’d be proud to put in a frame.

Lindos was everything I’d imagined and more. You think about Greece and you imagine white buildings against blue skies and that’s exactly what Lindos is. We took a day trip and made it a mission to get up the Acropolis.

We did it and the views were the best I’ve ever seen. Even if I felt like I was going to fall off the edge of the pathway all the way up. As far as traditional Greek vibes go, Lindos ticked every box.

We stayed on the North of Rhodes Island and Lindos is located at the East so it was about an hour via coach and we had the full day to spend there. It;s a trip I think you have to do if you're visiting the island, even if you're staying else where. I'd recommend decent shoes if not anything else, especially if the Acropolis is on you're list.

One of my favourite things we did there, was when we found a bar with a nice view and just sat in the sun with a fresh orange juice and just admired the view from the bay to the Acropolis. Taking a camera abroad and being a photographer I'm always very conscious of making sure I actually take stuff in, as I have been guilty of just immersing myself in photos and later realising I didn't pay alot of attention to living in the moment.

Going through all my photos now is my way of making sure they don't just sit on my hard drive for the rest of eternity, I've gone through them, printed my favourites and they're now all in an album for me to look back on. As well as online for other people to consider and enjoy.

Thank you for reading! and here's to the next holiday, fingers crossed it's sooner rather than later....

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