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Exploring Rhodes Island Through Street Photography

My last holiday to Greece was a trip where I really tried to embrace my using camera abroad, not just for holiday snaps but actual photos I’d be proud to share online and discuss. So here we go… In October of 2017 myself and my partner visited the beautiful island of Rhodes in Greece. Old Town Rhodes was top of our agenda along with Lindos and Symi Island. We were lucky enough to have a whole two weeks to explore the island and it being October meant it wasn’t too hot, if you're like me and cannot handle heat you'll know this was a huge relief. In this post I'm going to focus on my photographs from Old Town Rhodes, with a separate post for Lindos and Symi Island.

In my kit I had my trusty Nikon D90, an old camera by today's standards but I’m a believer in making the most of the equipment you’ve got before going for a pricey upgrade. (That's another blog post in itself though.) The lenses I brought with me where my favourite ‘Nikon 50mm 1.8 ’, standard kit ‘Nikon 18-55mm’ and my zoom ‘Nikon 55-200mm’. I only really ended up using my 18-55mm though, day to day, occasionally using the 50mm for a more effective depth of field affect.

Street photography is something I’ve loved researching since my college and university days but I’ve never been brave enough to pursue at home. On holiday though, so many people have cameras in hand and people are more concerned with their surroundings than what you’re doing. I found it was a great solution to the problem of crowded tourist spots. Instead of trying to avoid having people in my photos, I tried to embrace them and center my shots around them. These shots from around Old Town Rhodes really stood out for me, concentrating on people embracing.

I decided not to edit or retouch these images, as they're very much snapshots and observations rather than picture perfect portraits or landscapes. I much prefer them as shot in their natural state.

Join me in my next post when I tell you all about our trips to Lindos and Symi Island.

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