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Exploring Old Town Rhodes

If there's anything I would love to do more of, it's travelling. I'm hoping to squeeze in a city break this year just to tide me over till our next holiday. Until that happens I'm still trawling through the hundreds of photos I took on holiday. This particular set were taken when we were exploring the back streets of Old Town Rhodes, among all the tourists and souvenir clobber you forget that people actually live there. Day in, day out and head out to work every day.

The pebble streets were very harsh on my poor feet, after a whole day of walking I didn't take to that very kindly. But they run all the way through the centre of Old Town Rhodes, so wear sensible shoes!

I became fascinated with the doorways, the windows and the plant pots outside. Everything looks so rustic, every doorway looks like it could be on a postcard. Working with a small space I tried to do it justice with the gear I had. You can see people from the photos as you veer into the backstreets people have set up their business' on the wall spaces.

I tried to concentrate more on these quieter areas because the traditional photo spots were heaving with tourists, and I can't cope with crowds of people in my photos. That's the point of exploring though isn't it, finding the pretty spots that you wouldn't expect. The main streets and square is crawling with restaurant hosts trying to pull people into their rooftop terraces, I eventually learned to just block them out because there's only so many times you can say "no thank you".

Olde Town Rhodes is a tourist attraction within itself, a sort of self contained piece of history that is still there today. every building is connected to the next. It was fascinating to wander around and think that locals just pass it everyday on their way to work.

You have a lot to do there, the harbour is just on the outside of the walls of the olde town. This is the link to all the local boat trips. There is also the Castle of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes to visit, entry wasn't a lot and it made for a good wander with a lot to look at along the way. I took lots of photos there too so that's a blog post within itself.

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