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How many photos will I receive? 

Every wedding is different so I never put a certain number on it. If you've booked a six hour package I would say the average is around the 300 mark, but if you've booked a full day then it can range from 500 upto to 700. What I can guarantee is that you receive 100% of the images that survive my culling process! 

Do I need a pre wedding shoot? 

While they are optional, I always recommend one. Mainly to get rid of any initial nerves and awkwardness you might have about being in front of the camera. It's also a good opportunity for us to meet up, go for a walk and have an in person chat about what you have planned for your big day. Bring the kids or the dog, the more the merrier! I tend to arrange this about a month before the wedding date but if you'd prefer it earlier then feel free to let me know. 

How far will you travel? 

I cover anywhere within the North East and Northumberland. Generally if it's within an 75 mile radius I'll travel free of charge, anywhere further then I may ask for a small fuel contribution. This will always be discussed well in advance though. 

Will you make us pose? 

I'll never make you do anything you're not comfortable with, generally I don't enjoy staged unnatural shots. I'm much more comfortable giving you little prompts instead. These are designed to keep you relaxed and even make you have a laugh while we're there. It may feel a little alien at first but you soon settle into it and I never keep you very long. Your day is to be enjoyed, not stood posing for endless photos. 

How long until we can see our photos? 

The timescale I'm currently giving is between 6-8 weeks, but I always try to get them to you asap. You will receive a handful of previews within a couple of days of your wedding, I've been known to edit a few of my favourites on the day when I get a lunch break, I think its always nice to be able to post the professional photos for your first "we're married" social media post! 

The personalised keepsake box can take 
up to a month to arrive after you receive your final gallery. I will always keep in close contact to keep you updated on progress. 

How do we book? 

To book you can contact me via email or messaging on my Facebook page. I am available by phone but I do have a full time job and a toddler so I find it a bit easier to get back to you via email or message. I will check my calendar for you to see if I'm available on your date. If I am and you're happy to proceed I will then reserve your date temporarily until you complete my booking form and contract which has all the details to send over your 10% deposit. 

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